Pop Artist Viana Valentine Goes Bare in Debut Record ‘Fever Dream’

Photo courtesy of Maurisa Mackey

Viana Valentine has been singing songs for most of her life: debuting on small stages as a freckled, teenage angst-filled and smooth-voiced Sicilian girl, she most recently punched the clock as frontwoman for the pop-rock band, Royal Street. After the band’s separation, Viana Valentine emerged as a solo artist, holding closely to her roots of raw instrumentation, finding herself craving vintage guitar tones, smooth piano parts recorded in her kitchen for a real band feel with the addition of some dreamy production for her latest debut record, Fever Dream out today.

The new project captures a vintage and dreamlike atmosphere  — making it a unique listening experience that crosses the thresholds of singer-songwriter, dream pop, rhythm & blues, country, and more.

“‘Fever Dream’ is ultimately a collection of moments throughout the last few years of my life, which have been the strangest ones to date – sometimes feeling like I was living through some bizarre haze. This album also touches on some of my different musical influences, ranging from dreamy pop tunes with some jammy guitar riffs (‘Hella Depressed’, ‘Fever Dream’) to more soulful R&B influenced songs (‘Would You Love Me’), stripped down piano pieces (‘Rough Around The Edges’, ‘Sad Summer’) and I couldn’t leave out some of my rock band roots (‘Evergreen’, ‘PVD’).

These songs range from talking about falling in love, not feeling worthy of love, from feeling like you’re drowning in life, to feeling like you’re too much. Ultimately, this album was a way for me to talk through what I’ve gone through, and my hope is that someone can relate who might be going through a similar time in their life.” – Viana Valentine

Ballads like “Rough Around The Edges” and “Sad Summer” touch on the singer’s mental health journey in an effort to connect and comfort listeners in times of similar hardships, all while being soothed by passionate piano and string instruments. Title-track “Fever Dream” captures in what feels like an intense, disco-like haze about a love that has no bounds, as Viana Valentine sings in “I’m rational when it comes to life and love  / Unimaginable to not overthink trust / Was on a trend of questioning my gut / There we were standing underneath the sun.” With its confessional lyrics against Viana Valentine’s soulful falsettos, the Rhode Island songstress ultimately shines in Fever Dream

Take a listen to the LP below.

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