Dillon and Diamond D Team Up for Memorable Hip Hop LP “Uncut Gems”

Dillon and Diamond D, an exceptional musical duo hailing from Atlanta and Bronx respectively, have combined their talents to create a powerful and impactful album called “Uncut Gems.” This remarkable project, that released today, is the result of their deep-rooted friendship and mutual admiration, which has flourished over the course of 15 years. Their previous collaboration on Dillon’s remarkable 2017 release, “Black Tie Affair,” served as a testament to their chemistry and artistic synergy. Setting the tone for the entire album, the opening track, also titled “Uncut Gems,” serves as a flawless introduction to this collaborative masterpiece, comprising a total of 9 tracks.

“Uncut Gems” ingeniously blends elements of classic hip-hop with contemporary sounds, delivering a diverse musical experience that appeals to a wide range of listeners. The track “Pick Up The Pace” stands out as an invigorating anthem that ignites energy in anyone who hears it. This inspirational song showcases seamless rap flows and irresistibly catchy hooks that leave a lasting impact. Notably, the album is adorned with clever and thought-provoking lyrics, exemplified by a standout line in the third track, “Comin Out Swingin Feat Elzhi.” The line goes: “Let me add some cold cuts to your knuckle sandwich,” showcasing his lyrical prowess and creative wordplay.

As the album progresses to Track 4, the listener is already engulfed in a blazing fire of musical energy. “Turn Up The Heat” introduces a soulful bass line that intertwines harmoniously with a tasteful rap flow, further fueling the album’s captivating momentum. The middle section of the album unveils a delightful addition of a piano on the beat, prominently showcased in the track “Pardon Our Dust Feat. Planet Asia & Ras Kass,” adding a rich and melodic layer to the composition while maintaining the album’s impeccable flow.

“Just Breathe Feat Stacy Epps & Slimkid3” gracefully kicks off with a captivating hook melody before diving into a flavorful rap section, ensuring that the listener remains fully engaged. The album continues to impress with “Devil in a Blue Dress” and “Overtime,” which skillfully highlight the incredible percussive elements while maintaining infectious hooks and rap flows.

As the album nears its conclusion, the finale track “Permanent Scars” ensures a strong and memorable finale. This song exudes a laid-back, seductive vibe while maintaining its clever lyrical lines, establishing itself as the epitome of sensuality within the album. With its seamless blend of captivating beats and thought-provoking lyrics, “Uncut Gems” triumphantly concludes its journey, leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

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01. Uncut Gems

02. Pick Up The Pace

03. Comin’ Out Swingin’ (feat. Elzhi)

04. Turn the Heat Up

05. Pardon Our Dust (feat. Planet Asia & Ras Kass)

06. Just Breathe (feat. Stacy Epps & Slimkid3)

07. Devil in a Blue Dress

08. Overtime.

09. Permanent Scars

Written by Ryan Cassata

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