Music and Entertainment Media Brand Bacon is My Podcast Soar to Top 2% of Podcasts

Today critically acclaimed podcast and content-creating force, Bacon is My Podcast, announce their placement in the top 2% of podcasts listened to globally according to Listen Notes. Listen Notes is a leader in the podcast space for data aggregation based on both first and third-party data from over 3.1 million RSS feeds to rank both the popularity of a podcast and the global standing of a podcast’s listenership. 

The podcast’s loyal following was garnered through their unique “anti-interview” format of having casual conversations with guests from all walks of life including musicians, actors, and wrestlers such as Eric Bischoff (WWE Hall of Fame), Underoath, Silverstein, A Skylit Drive, The Plot in You, Orgy, Patti Negri (Ghost Adventures), Nick Aldis (Impact/NWA Wrestler), Sean Kanan (Cobra Kai), Dave Schrader (Travel Channel Paranormal Expert) and hundreds more. Their festival appearances at So What Festival, Capulet Festival, and more have further solidified their name as mainstays in the entertainment sphere as the podcast’s popularity skyrockets and their content avenues expand.

“When we started this show, we were just hoping that people would care enough to come back to listen to our silliness. Then potential guests like wrestling legends and musical acts that we idolize thought enough of the show to come hang out and take part in that silliness. Here we are 2-1/2 years later and we’ve got a show moving up the ranks in the podcasting space and are reaching the heights of podcasts we look up to and are inspired by. It’s incredible when something you enjoy doing so much and put so much into gets the reception this show has. We’ve made some amazing relationships because of this show and have no intentions of slowing down now. We cannot wait for the future of this show and roll out some of the exciting ideas we’ve had in mind.” – Mike Wahmann (Co-Host of Bacon is My Podcast)

“The point of this show was always and will always be to have a good time, we love hanging out together and chatting about whatever is on our minds and we both love talking to inspiring, creative people that are following their passions. The fact that people have enjoyed what we do and continue to tune in is just the coolest icing on the cake ever. This is who we are at shows, with our friends and peers, and getting to share that has been absolutely amazing. I’m so excited to just keep learning about life from each other, our guests, and our listeners. You can learn a lot in an hour over a drink with a friend. We want to meet and be that friend as much as we can.”  – Jimmy G (Co-Host of Bacon is My Podcast)

Bacon is My Podcast was started in November 2020 out of necessity. As musicians, creators, and co-hosts Jimmy G and Mike Wahmann were unsure what the future held for themselves or the music industry as a result of the global pandemic. What started as a cathartic outlet and a way of staying in contact with fans and followers of their respective bands, turned into a fun show that gave those fans a “fly on the wall” glimpse into the host’s lives as artists and as people. 

BIMP very quickly expanded by inviting guests that shared the host’s uncertainty about the way forward in a chaotic covid-stricken and politically charged social climate. Together, they provided a reprieve from the craziness.  They created a safe place to take people’s minds off of their stress and dig deeper into the topics they wish more people would ask about, explore their fandoms and passions, and the passions that add more “life” to their life. 

Jimmy and Mike used their past experiences as interviewees to create their own brand of interviewing guests, which they often refer to as the “anti-interview.” Bacon is My Podcast is focused on learning about a person beyond what you’ve already heard or seen. Their signature segment “What’s Your Bacon? in 7 Questions” breaks the ice and sets the tone by creating a lighthearted environment resulting in interesting (and often hilarious) conversations between new friends, which flows perfectly into the official “Bacon is My Podcast” episode.

In 2023, Bacon is My Podcast expanded to a third show per week called “Discussion and Drinks” where Jimmy and Mike catch up on life, pick relevant topics and current events, and talk about them over a beverage (or two). This segment nods back to the show’s roots and lets the audience learn more about the hosts.

Beyond being hosts, Jimmy and Mike are musicians and songwriters. With that, they’ve started a Twitch Channel documenting the ins and outs of the song re-writing and recording process of their first EP together as “Bacon is My Passion” to be released later this year.


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