Track Battle with Emmitt Dupree, Which Lane Do You Pick?

Emmitt Dupree, a rising artist with a knack for genre-bending, has unveiled a captivating two-song EP titled “Pick a Lane Pt. 1.” The EP showcases Emmitt’s versatility as he explores contrasting genres and invites his fans to help him carve his artistic path. With “Stepson” and “Non4Real,” Emmitt Dupree presents a compelling musical journey that highlights his clever lyricism, impressive vocal deliveries, and superb production.

Opening the EP is the trap-infused track “Stepson.” Emmitt’s trap vocal delivery immediately grabs attention, drawing listeners into the rhythmic flow and clever lyrics. The strong hook within the verses serves as a powerful anchor for the song, creating an infectious groove that demands attention. While “Stepson” excels in its production and lyrical talent, the track could benefit from a sung vocal melody to elevate its impact further.

Taking a more laid-back approach, “Non4Real” featuring CJ Fly presents a soulful and captivating atmosphere. Not only does this track showcase a different genre (leaning more pop than hip hop), but it also has a different vocal delivery style. “Non4Real” shines with its sung elements, displaying Emmitt’s versatility as he effortlessly navigates soulful melodies and delivers stronger hooks. The collaboration with CJ Fly adds another layer of depth and further enhances the track’s appeal.

Both “Stepson” and “Non4Real” boast excellent production, striking a balance between the instrumental elements and vocal lines. Emmitt Dupree’s vocals become the focal point of both tracks, showcasing his artistry and providing a captivating experience for listeners. The EP manages to strike a delicate balance, ensuring the production doesn’t overpower the vocals while maintaining a polished and engaging sound.

What lane do we choose? While both songs on “Pick a Lane Pt. 1” exhibit Emmitt Dupree’s talent and artistic range, if we had to select one, “Non4Real” stands out as the preferred choice. The song’s soulful vibe, the more melodic sung vocals, and the stronger hooks create a compelling and memorable experience. However, both tracks serve as an invitation to fans to engage with Emmitt’s artistic journey and assist in deciding the direction he should pursue.

Listen here and pick your favorite lane of the two:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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