Alex Exists Takes Listeners on an Eclectic Journey with “Everybody’s Famous” LP

Alex Exists has unveiled a remarkable musical journey with their latest LP, “Everybody’s Famous,” released on June 16th, 2023. The album showcases a diverse range of styles and influences, all expertly produced by Alex Exists with assistance from Michael Fong. This album boasts an impressive collection of tracks that seamlessly blend various genres and influences, resulting in a unique and enthralling musical experience. From the angsty opener to the dance-worthy finale, “Everybody’s Famous” showcases Alex Exists’ versatility and ability to captivate listeners with their exceptional vocal performances and expertly crafted compositions.

The LP commences with the dynamic track “Believe the Hype,” featuring the talented Sam Casey. Serving as the perfect introduction to the record, the song presents epic synths, slightly distorted vocals, and an angsty atmosphere. The catchy hook line instantly captures the listener’s attention, setting the stage for Alex’s musical and production skills.

Taking a detour into a funkier soundscape, “With A Bang” introduces a haunting undertone through its distorted guitar riffs. Alex’s compelling vocal delivery shines throughout the song, seamlessly transitioning into a 90s-pop inspired vocal hook for the pre-chorus and chorus sections. This juxtaposition of elements adds depth and intrigue, keeping listeners engaged from beginning to end.

“[The album] is a unique set of stories about the complex and often absurd nature of human behaviour, and the need to express our truth and full potential.”  – Alex Exists

“Cameraboy” exemplifies the album’s top-notch production quality. The track seamlessly combines catchy music riffs with Alex’s captivating vocal delivery. The synergy between the musical and vocal elements creates an immersive experience, making “Cameraboy” a standout piece within the LP.

“I aim to inspire listeners to navigate the complex social dynamics that shape our lives, and to never stop striving for something better. The message is clear: we have the power to change what we don’t like and the obligation to improve life for each other or else risk being trapped in the warped reality that these songs illustrate.” – Alex Exists 

“Dancing with Chaos” is a laid-back track, showcasing a sultry vocal delivery accompanied by mesmerizing guitar riffs. The track’s lyrics possess a storytelling quality, drawing listeners into the narrative. The infectious chorus adds a memorable element, leaving an indelible mark on the listener’s mind. To enhance the experience, Alex has released an epic music video to accompany this captivating song.

“Mindful Madness” introduces a laid-back atmosphere, featuring the mesmerizing vocals of Martha Johnson. The track invites listeners to lose themselves in its tranquil ambiance. Alex Exists’ ability to evoke a sense of introspection and tranquility shines through, making “Mindful Madness” a standout moment in the LP.

Picking up the pace, “Free To Run” injects a surge of energy into the album. With its synth-driven composition and upbeat tempo, this track is ideal for running or workouts, instantly invigorating listeners. The captivating vocal hooks keep the momentum going, ensuring that “Free To Run” remains an engaging and uplifting addition to the LP.

“Instant Karma” pays homage to classic rock, punk rock, and psychedelic rock, drawing inspiration from legendary artists such as T. Rex and David Bowie. The song’s unique vocal delivery and melodies set it apart, transporting listeners to a bygone era while still retaining a modern edge. With a heavy and distorted bass line propelling the track, “Instant Karma” is a testament to Alex Exists’ ability to create diverse sonic landscapes.

As the LP reaches its conclusion, Alex Exists delivers a grand finale with “Everybody’s Famous (Except Me),” featuring AARYS. This track introduces a dance beat and a new disco-style chorus that compels listeners to hit the dance floor. The infectious energy of the song leaves a lasting impression, demonstrating the album’s ability to blend various genres seamlessly.

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“Everybody’s Famous” is my newest personal masterpiece, after a year or so of experiences, writing, and production. This album marked my debut solo venture, mainly self-written and produced in my studio. It was a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance as I delved deeper into my unrestrained thoughts, emotions, and experiences, inspired and fueled by the conflicting desires within me. On one hand, I craved recognition and validation, while on the other hand, I yearned to disappear into anonymity, free from the pressures of the outside world. It was like a constant wrestling match with my own ego as I grappled with these contrasting desires. However, it made for interesting storytelling and cathartic songs about living in the little chaotic virtual age. Collaborating with Martha Johnson of Martha and the Muffins on Mindful Madness was a highlight, our contrasting voices bringing unexpected magic. I aimed to infuse the album with electrifying energy to convey a sense of empowerment and liberation through the themes of individualism, love, rebellion and freedom. For me, this album was a transformation—a labor of love that showcased my growth as an artist. It embodied my personal journey, radiating raw energy and embracing the power of self. “Everybody’s Famous” is more than just a record; it’s a testament to embracing authenticity, loving fiercely, and finding freedom on one’s own terms in the modern-day chaos. – Alex Exists

Written by Ryan Cassata

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