Jon-Olov Woxlin’s ‘Junk Trunk’: A Raw and Authentic Folk Masterpiece

Swedish singer-songwriter Jon-Olov Woxlin has a knack for songwriting and performing and makes that clear on his latest album, “Junk Trunk.” This remarkable country/folk blues/americana record was amazingly recorded in just a single afternoon, showcasing Woxlin’s commitment to capturing the raw and authentic essence of his music. He believes that re-takes during recording sessions “deprives the songs from sounding natural.” He prefers to record the song in one take, giving the record a live feeling. 

“Exit Sign Explicit,” listeners are introduced to Woxlin’s exceptional guitar skills, accompanied by an air of swagger and grit. This song carries a similar style to Bob Dylan’s iconic “Subterranean Homesick Blues,” setting up the album in a grand way.

“Already There,” features a finger-picked acoustic guitar with electric slide guitars layered on top. Woxlin’s vocals take on more of a ballad style, deeper in tone and slower in rhythm. This introspective mood continues with “Esoteric Woman of the Night,” where Woxlin delivers truly raw and emotional vocals that tug at the listener’s heartstrings. The lyrics spill confessions about a lost love, enhancing the evocative power of the song.

“Our Journey’s Just Begun” maintains the low-toned ballad style, effectively capturing the rawness of the music, writing, and singing. This track elevates the record to another level of greatness, further immersing the audience in Woxlin’s profound musicality.

The album takes a turn towards the classic rock singer-songwriter realm with “For Another Day,” featuring gorgeous guitars that fill the space and add depth to the composition. However, it is the standout track “Junk Trunk Blues” that truly captivates listeners. This faster-paced song is filled with quickly-spewed lyrics, reminiscent of the album’s opening track, and further showcases Woxlin’s smooth blues guitar playing. The blues dominant style continues with “Your New World Is Here,” a song that would fit well alongside the works of artists like Dave Van Ronk.

Strings make their appearance on “Mother of Fate” and “Wrap Up My Heart,” providing an unexpected yet delightful turn in the album. Both songs carry great emotional weight, leaving a lasting impact on the listener.

“The Blaze of Thunder” embraces a distinct country sound, featuring exceptional vocal delivery and intricate acoustic guitar picking. Woxlin’s artistry continues to shine through, creating a memorable and immersive musical experience throughout the recording.

“Venlafacine #305 & 403” transports listeners to a retro folk landscape, with Woxlin’s vocal delivery adding another dynamic layer to the record. The closing track, “Millennial Whoop,” features quick-paced guitar picking and an irresistibly catchy vocal, making it perhaps the most memorable vocal performance on the album, and the most memorable melody.

It’s truly astonishing to believe that all of these tracks were recorded live. The album is a testament to Woxlin’s incredible talent not only as a songwriter but also as a performer. He is a class act and a true singer-songwriter, whose records sound the same as his live show. Woxlin’s ability to replicate the sound and feel of his records sets him apart from other artists, solidifying his status as a truly exceptional musician.

With “Junk Trunk,” Jon-Olov Woxlin has once again demonstrated his exceptional musicianship, delivering an album that resonates with authenticity and heartfelt emotion. Each track is a testament to his skill as both a songwriter and performer, creating an experience that lingers long after the final notes fade away.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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