2face $avage: Unleashing a Nostalgic and Fresh Hip-Hop Experience with “$avage Files PT1”

July 14th, 2023 marked a significant date in the world of hip-hop as 2face $avage, the rising star on the Twoface Records label, dropped his highly anticipated album, “$avage Files PT1.” This 10-track record ingeniously blends old school hip-hop, SoundCloud rap (Cloud Rap), and trap sounds to create a musical masterpiece that is both nostalgic and fresh. With hard-hitting beats, catchy riffs, and an energetic flow, 2face $avage takes listeners on a journey through the underground hip-hop genre, delving into controversial themes without hesitation. Throughout the album, the lyrics have an emphasis on guns, sex, drugs, and loyalty – the lyrics are provocative yet not strange to the underground hip-hop scene.

“My creating process is both freestyling and writing, it us usually starts with the beat or the flow, there’s so many possibilities for music creation it’s both very exciting and overwhelming, every word could be the start of a new flow or song I have several songs in the works that aren’t hip hop related at all it’s been a long journey to get to this point but I’m very thankful for my family and friends continued support.” –  2face $avage

The album opens with a bang on “Gen 5,” where heavy synth lines set the tone for what’s to come. 2face $avage’s powerful delivery and confident presence immediately grip the audience, making it clear that he means business. As the track progresses, the fusion of old-school elements and modern trap sounds intertwines seamlessly, showcasing the artist’s versatility.

Another standout track, “what’s the flow like?,” showcases 2face $avage’s rap prowess at its peak. The high-energy beats are complemented by his impressive flow, leaving listeners nodding their heads and swaying to the rhythm.

In “do not like you” that 2face $avage demonstrates his mastery of production. The clever use of autotune adds an extra layer of intrigue to the song, highlighting his ability to experiment with different techniques while keeping true to his signature style. This track shows that 2face $avage is not afraid to push boundaries and explore new sounds within the hip-hop realm.

“My biggest inspiration for my music is XXXtenatacion, his music really impacted me.” – 2face $avage

“40 POP” stands out as a pinnacle of the album, featuring a rap flow tinged with autotune that creates an undeniably infectious vibe. The combination of 2face $avage’s captivating performance and the captivating beats ensures that this track will leave a lasting impression on listeners.

Among the dreamier tracks on the album is “No Friends ($avage Freestyle).” With a laid-back vocal style that intentionally falls behind the beat, this song evokes a moody and psychedelic atmosphere. It provides a refreshing change of pace while still maintaining the album’s overall thematic coherence.

“$avage Files PT1” is not without its controversies. The themes explored throughout the album are a familiar territory for the underground hip-hop genre. However, 2face $avage manages to infuse a unique perspective and personal touch into these topics, making the album an authentic representation of his artistry and experiences.

By seamlessly blending elements from different eras of hip-hop, 2face $avage creates a sound that appeals to both seasoned hip-hop enthusiasts and a new generation of listeners. The nostalgic feel brings back memories of the genre’s golden era, while the incorporation of modern trap sounds ensures that the album remains relevant and appealing to today’s audience.

The album showcases his ability to craft unique beats, deliver impressive rap flows, and provoke thought through his lyrics. With this release, 2face $avage has firmly established himself as an artist to watch in the hip-hop landscape. As fans eagerly await future releases from this promising young talent, “$avage Files PT1” will undoubtedly continue to leave a lasting impact on the hip-hop community. With a bold and innovative approach to music, 2face $avage has truly raised the bar for the genre, leaving us hungry for more from this rising star on the Twoface Records roster.

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