Strawberry Blonde Give Emo a Fresh Sound

Strawberry Blonde knows how to groove, and the bass line in their new song “Rearview” proves that. Soon after the listener gets locked in on the bass and drum parts, the vocals come in and take quite a twist. Now, we are listening to an emo song with melodic vocals, distorted guitars, and a lead that stays in the genre. To continue on with surprises, a brilliant horn section comes in and blends with the track. The fusion of genres and sounds makes for a refreshing sound that is impossible to ignore. Listeners will want to hear this one over and over again and explore the rest of the band’s catalog.

Strawberry Blonde came together while their members were studying at SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Music in 2015. The band members are Martine Mauro-Wade (drums/percussion), Sean Power (bass), Carey Ozmun (vocals/trumpet/keys), Sam Barna (guitar), and Liam Connors (vocals/guitar).

Rearview is off of the bands latest EP, titled Somebody Hold Me. Listen to the EP now:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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