Birds Aren’t Real is a Must-Hear Experimental Art-Pop Adventure

Birds Aren’t Real? That’s the name of the new EP by Shaven Primates. If you’re into art-pop, post-punk, metal influences, soaring drums, and distorted guitars, Shaven Primates is the band you should be listening to now. Unlike most modern day artists, Shaven Primates offers a sound that is authentic, raw, and real. Impressive guitar playing is the focal point of the kickoff track “Fade Away.” The vocals are delivered in a style that combines grunge and 80s hair metal, bringing a unique sound to listeners. This sound is filled with power and emotion. Background synths add an extra ambience to the track, making it the perfect introduction to the EP and to the work of Shaven Primates.

The next song centers around a dark topic, someone choosing to end their life. “A Decision” is about that difficult decision. The lyrics go: “A decision, His wish, A decision, His will.” The pain in the lead singer’s voice lets the audience know that this story is perhaps of a loved one. The low bass line counterbalances the high-pitched guitar riffs. This song also features soaring riffs that will serenade the listener into fandom.

The EP’s center track is “Silicon Implants.” It’s a quick paced punk rock, rock n’ roll anthem that features fast-paced vocals that are delivered in a spoken manner.  The refain of the song is “Nazis bad.” This song is a musical masterpiece and the organ line will let you know that.

The next track is “Unmasked” and is about being at grade school and having autism. This song is more of a ballad, delivered slowly, in a somber yet dreamy tone. The lyrics go very deep, proving the extreme talent of the songwriter. They go “Unmasked, Unmasked and yet outspoken, Normality is broken, My fable is a call.” This song is another musical masterpiece that takes the listener on an adventure, both lyrically and musically.

The title track “Birds Aren’t Real” closes the EP. This song starts with a unique sounding guitar riff, organs fall in the background. The vocal and drums mix in perfectly with the heavy riffing. As for the meaning of the song? You’ll have to listen to it and dissect it yourself.

Listen to this lyrically and musically brilliant EP on SoundCloud now, where you can read the lyrics and further dive into the meanings behind the songs.

It’s also available to be streamed on Spotify:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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