AmPm’s Debut LP ‘Traveling Without Moving’ Takes Listeners on a Sonic Globe-Trotting Adventure

AmPm have recently released their debut LP “Traveling Without Moving” on Avex Entertainment. The Tokyo based electronic duo takes listeners on a sonic adventure, further giving explanation to the creative name of their LP.  The track titles and songs are about different major cities around the globe including; Tokyo, Jakarta, Amsterdam and New York City, and features vocals from singers from across the world, including UK, Singapore and Japan, with guest features from Lilly Ahlberg and RAENE. The band draws upon their own world travels for their inspiration, as they have now traveled all around the world to perform their incredible music on major stages including a set at Ultra Miami.

“Traveling is an integral part of our lives, and we have drawn inspiration from our own journeys. This album serves as a window into our personal stories, inviting listeners to experience the diverse emotions associated with traveling. Each city represented in the album holds significance to us, whether it be Tokyo, Jakarta, Amsterdam, or New York City. We wanted to create a musical narrative that captures the essence of these cities and the unique feelings they evoke.” – AmPm

We start in Tokyo. We hear a synth interlude that serves as a stronger introduction to the next track and the album as a whole. “Tokyo On My Mind” features vocals from Nathan Hartono. The lyrics talk about the wonder and magic of the city. The band and singer clearly hold a strong love for Tokyo, and it’s proven by the performance and lyrics in this track. “Streets of Tokyo” is the next part of the story, featuring guest vocals from Michael Kaneko. This catchy synth-driven track will surely get stuck in your head. It’s another song that will transport listeners to Tokyo and the business of the city and its streets. The last love song to Tokyo is “Fall Back” featuring vocals from MoMo. The production and vocal delivery are arguably the most unique of the Tokyo set. MoMo’s vocal tone is soulful, poppy, and special throughout the song.

Fasten your seat belts and prepare for takeoff. We are on our way to Jakarta. The interlude sets the stage, things become more mellow. We have now woken up in the largest city in Southeast Asia. “Wake Up” features gorgeous vocals from popstar Lilly Ahlberg about the popular Indonesian city. These vocals feel more soulful and emotional than the Tokyo set and are delivered in a more laid back fashion. This gives a new taste to the album, letting listeners go on a deeper journey around the globe. Next we are transported to “Haven” featuring lustrous vocals from Hana Hope. “Haven” is electric-guitar driven. The guitar has a deep tone that will cut into your soul. The vocals are flavorful, showcasing extreme talent. When the song builds into a synth pop anthem from an indie pop sound, the talent of the singer is proven. Hana Hope can blend in seamlessly with any genre. Next up, we hear gorgeous vocals from Kenya Fujita on “Holding You Back.” The lyrics go “this city’s so loud it’s hard to find the paradise.” This song starts off in a laid back fashion before building into a catchy dance floor anthem with smooth vocals. This song is filled with lust, longing, and wonder.

After the grand love song in Jakarta we are transported into Amsterdam. The interlude serves as the flight to take us there metaphorically, setting up that a new sound is on its way to our ears. We kick things off with  “Cinnamon Chai.” It’s so upbeat that it serves as the caffeine boost we need to keep on dancing to this album. “Sweet Escape” features vocals from RAENE. This song is also quickly paced, following the nature of “Cinnamon Chai.” The vocals are pop-radio ready and quite seductive sonically. The last track of this set leaves us on a question about this fascinating city. “Amsterdam” introduces another standout vocal feature from SHIMA. This song is a bit more laid back compared to the other songs in the set but contains the most catchy vocal melody.

Next, we are flying to New York City, the “Big Apple.”  The interlude and introduction to this fine city will have you up on your beat. It’s an incredible DJ mix. “Good Life” is one of my personal favorite songs on this amazing record. The song features catchy vocal hooklines by mimiko. This song will definitely get stuck in your head. Next up, we journey to Manhattan’s “West Side.” Belle Humble lends great vocals on this song, showcasing her wide range and excellent talent. This song is more laid back and carries a romantic flavor to it. The LP ends as strongly as it begins with “Stranger Things” featuring lines from Shigge.

“Traveling Without Moving” is fascinating and brilliant all the way through. From start to finish listeners will be blow away. AmPm is a group you do not want to sleep on. Wake up. Get ready for the flight of your dreams. Your plane is boarding…your ears are waiting. Listen on Spotify now:

Written by Ryan Cassata (click for reviews)

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