Unveiling Sonic Landscapes: Estrada’s Highly Anticipated Debut EP ‘Public Secret’ Reimagines Shoegaze

Estrada brings a fresh feel to shoegaze with his highly anticipated debut EP “Public Secret.” This six song EP cleverly fuses genres in ways that are exciting and brilliant. Fans have been waiting for his EP to drop for a while as many of his guitar riffs have gained popularity on TikTok. He has given fans a huge glimpse into his world of creativity and songwriting by documenting his process on TikTok, using the hashtag he created #foogaze. The EP’s 6 songs have already reached over 1 million streams, and he has 75,000 monthly listeners on the most popular music streaming app, Spotify.

The EP starts off strong with hooks delivered in a dreamy fashion on “iwantuall4me.” This song will surely transport listeners back into the 90s to soundtracks with the likes of The Smashing Pumpkins and my bloody valentine. The song fuses elements of grunge, shoegaze, and indie pop to create the perfect introduction song to Estrada’s enchanting sound.

Up next, listeners will hear his gorgeous guitar riffs and impeccable tone on “Floating.” The song is perfectly titled as it makes the listener feel like they are floating through space and time, on a magical journey. A journey that is filled with nostalgia, romance, hope and hopelessness. This song seems to be influenced by all the above mentioned genres plus early emo bands like Texas is The Reason and The Promise Ring. The bass line is one of my favorite elements of this track.

The title track “Public Secret” is quickly on its way to 1 million streams and has already surpassed 900,000 streams. This song arguably has the catchiest guitar riffs on the album. Above all, it’s a vibe, and it sets the tone for the rest of the album and Estrada’s sound as a whole.

“finallyfoundyou” is a must hear. It’s a musically brilliant track that will take listeners on a journey. The way the guitars and the kick drum moves together will simply take your breath away and leave you coming back to hear more.This track seamlessly brings us into the most upbeat track of the EP titled “Esta Noche Que Salí” which translates from Spanish to “I Went Out Tonight.” The emo undertones will get under your skin and seep into your soul. It’s another musical masterpiece. It’s the second most streamed song on the EP, nearing a quarter million streams.

The finale track is “Distance” which features brighter guitars and louder, heavier drums, that are doused in massive amounts of reverb. The production is very captivating and showcases another side of Estrada.

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Written by Ryan Cassata (click for a review request)

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