Three Stand Out Punk Anthems from The Zooeys, The Everminds, & Bunko

Rock the Pigeon recommends 3 great songs to start your week off right. All of these songs could fit on the same playlist as they combine elements of retro music with the new school. They all have unique guitar riffs and vocal delivery styles. They all fall under the punk umbrella as well and you can tell that punk music is a top inspiration for many of these bands.

The Zooeys are ready to seduce listeners with their new rock n’ roll anthem “Nation.” It’s catchy and energetic from the first beat. The synths and guitars will definitely have listeners hooked in. The song is nostalgic in terms of instrumentation, production, and vocal styling. Incredible guitar riffs swirl in perfect tone around the vocals seamlessly, serving as additional lead hook lines. The song is delivered in an 80s synth pop fashion with a tinge of punk rock. Rock fans, pop fans, new wave fans, and punk fans will dig this one. This one is a true banger! P.S. don’t miss the guitar solo! Listen to it on Spotify now:

French pop rock group adds to the retro vibes with their newest single “Lately, Surely, Lonely.” This is another song that combines synths with electric guitars in ways that are both fresh and nostalgic. The vocals are tainted by distortion at times, adding another layer of production dynamics to the track. This song also features great lead guitar hooks, fun drums, and organic instrumentation throughout. Listen to it on Spotify now:


Bunko’s new track is another fusion of genres, that blends in perfectly with this playlist. “Doom Surfing” combines elements of surf rock and punk rock. The song is also very nostalgic sounding. Sometimes the vocal delivery and style feels like 50s rock n’ roll. Other times the vocal feels like early punk. When the two genres combine, the song brings a fresh sound to listeners ears. Listen to this awesome track on Spotify now:

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