Scoobert Doobert is right, It’s TOO HOT outside

Global warning, global burning. It’s way too hot outside and Scoobert Doobert has the perfect song for this sentiment. “TOO HOT” is a song that everyone could relate to right now. It’s about the Earth heating up for the summer, sweating in the sun, and trying not to overheat. The lyrics go into different summer activities, including drinking refreshing drinks. The chorus repeats the phrase “it’s too hot outside” over and over again. Very true, Scoobert Doobert, very true.

Aside from the lyrics, this song has incredible instrumentation and musicianship. The performance is super fun, with a funky bass line, funky guitar riffs, and an emotion filled vocal delivery. Sink into the sounds and sentiments of summer with Scoobert Doobert and “TOO HOT.” Listen now:

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