JustJust Puts the Elbow Grease into His New Hip-Hop Track

JustJust is an artist that I recently discovered, and I am so glad that I did. His latest song “Elbow Grease” has the perfect sound for summer. It’s fun and flavorful, and filled with upbeat energy. A groovy bass line and a poppy beat carries the song to allow for impressive rhymes. The production is just right, not too much, not too little. justJust shines on his rap flow. This song is jam packed with strong lyrics, and they are delivered in perfect rhythm and are easy to understand and follow. Quite the feat for a rapper! justJust impresses listeners with his latest song and this serves as the perfect introduction to his sound and style. The chorus is catchy and memorable. This is the perfect track to motivate listeners to get up, do something fun, or even get to work and make some fun out of that.

Enjoy the song on Spotify now:

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