Harmonious Healing: My Sister, My Brother’s Soul-Stirring Sound, New EP Due in September

My Sister, My Brother started to create music in 2020, just before the Pandemic. Their long-awaited second EP My Sister, My Brother II hits streaming platforms on September 29, 2023, which will feature 7 new songs. For now, fans can get a taste of the duo through their first EP and their recent single releases. Their latest single release is their best song yet. “More Than You Could Give” feat. Sean McConnell & Garrison Starr, is a standout folky country hit with a memorable melody throughout the tracks run. The vocal melody will cut deep into your soul from the first lyric sung. The vocals on the song blend in perfect harmony, bringing flavors together seamlessly. These voices were meant to sing together and it shows. The voices carry deep-rooted emotion, a sense of longing, the intensity of heartbreak, and the sadness that comes with disappointment. The lyrics tell the story of letting go and the process of grief and forgiveness. If you’re going through the loss of a relationship/friendship or a breakup, this song will surely rock you.

More info on My Sister, My Brother: https://www.mysistermybrother.com/

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