Eartheareal’s Must-Listen Song “Affirmative Acts” Has Extremely Important Lyrics and Jazz Guitar Licks

Eartheareal’s newest song “Affirmative Acts” is a must-hear. The song starts off with a jazzy guitar that stands alone – strongly and confidently. The guitar tone and performance pulls the listener in, letting the know that this is something different, this is true talent. The jazzy guitar sets a tone of complexity and dissonance with its use of both a gritty distortion sound and clean jazz sound. We don’t often hear distortion on jazz licks and chords. The songs’ introduction is quite long, a recorded speech plays at the 45-second mark, that talks about racism and Affirmation Action in popular universities. The song ends how it starts, with another recording, while the middle section captures the listener’s full attention.

After the songs’ intro, Eartheareal’s vocal comes in. It’s soft, soulful, perfectly in tune, and filled with a rawness, authenticity that portrays incredible amounts of emotion. Lyrically, the song is of great importance. It sheds a light on systemic racism. Listen to the song on Spotify now:

“Inspired by those who claimed, eventually triumphantly, that affirmative action was ‘reverse racism,’ ‘Affirmative Acts’ poses the question of how any of us can know whether we are truly deserving of success when systemic racial inequities persist, rendering meritocracy a myth.” – Eartheareal

Eartheareal is the moniker of producer, songwriter, and guitarist, Annah Omune Sidigu. Follow her here.

written by Ryan Cassata

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