Baydream’s Debut EP ‘Cosmos’ Takes You on a Powerful Trip

Baydream is out with their debut EP, “Cosmos.” The Cosmos EP commences with an enchanting soundscape, establishing the mood for an immersive auditory voyage that feels mesmerizing and surreal. Within “Cosmos,” every track embarks on a sonic expedition, fusing facets of pop and rock with an ethereal and experimental essence.

The four track LP is lyrically powerful, with psychedelic and self-reflecting themes of introspection and the mysteries of the universe.

The EP starts off with “Leaving” a slowly paced, laid-back, synth heavy track that will take the listener on a true journey. The mood has been set, which flows perfectly to the next track “Shatter Matter.” This song is driven by reverbed guitars and low-toned vocals. Baydream knows how to bring the dreamy vibe.

Tracks 3 and 4 are the strongest songs on the record. The synths on “Enigma” seduce the listener and prepare them for the effected vocals and upbeat feel of the track. The simple melodies are catchy, nostalgic, and playful.

The closing track of the record shows another side of Baydream, showcasing his versatility and talent in switching genres. This song is driven by early-emo sounding guitar picking and a hip-hop beat. The vocal also sounds like early emo and floats below the music. This production choice creates a dreamy sense that will hook the listener further into the sound.

Listen to this incredible EP on Spotify now:

Written by Ryan Cassata, click here for a review

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