Ships Have Sailed and Abby Posner Unite for a Powerful Anthem of Change and Empowerment

Ships Have Sailed and Abby Posner have teamed up for an incredible collaboration song called “Get Loud.” This new track demands attention from all who listen through its foot-stomping hard rock energy and energetic vocals. The song also is lyrically conscious, conveying a message of equality and resilience. It’s an anthem to all who want change. This song demands a shift. The two singers trade verses, bringing their utmost grit, blood, sweat and tears, into the recording room. They showcase their impressive talents on every lyric sung. The emotion travels through the speakers, amps up the listener, hypes up the energy, and brings an overall feeling of empowerment to the listener. Hopefully, Ships Have Sailed and Abby Posner will rejoin for another collab song soon. This one is too good to just stand alone as a single!

Listen to this great song on Spotify now:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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