Best unheard album of 2013


As 2013 comes through its easy to reflect on the great pop albums of the year, Kanye West’s “Yeezus” or Beyonce’s “Epic” are albums that will be stuck in our heads for a long time. However there are may more albums that came out this year albums that didn’t have the opportunity to get as much exposure, and the best of these by far was bedroom folk act Beachmoon/Peachmoon’s new album “Flee to the Sea.” Released in September it was the perfect mellow mood that reminds you of going back to school but ditching class to smoke pot, in other words it rules. “Philosophy at 23 at 24” is an amazing track, truly beautiful the lyrics, the finger picked guitar, and the sounds included make a wonderful mesh that I feel captures the epitome of post-modern music. This song amongst the many others really displays what is a perfect production style, the production of the album enhances  the music but does not butcher to a point where it is no longer what it is suppose to be; in other words I love the way the songs sound recorded but I can still tell they would sound this way live if that makes sense. Any way Beachmoon/Peachmoon has become a favorite of mine and I hope to one day see him live, he has written and produced what is definitely the best album of the year.

Flee to the Sea = 10/10

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