Mike Marsh working with indie-artist Kyle Cox on “The Plan, The Mess.”

Mike Marsh of the Avett Brothers worked with indie-artist Kyle Cox to record an album called “The Plan, The Mess.” This album, recorded in Nashville, is set to release on September 30th, 2014. Feel like you can’t wait ’til September to hear this record? You can stream one song called “I Ain’t Been Lonely, Until I Met You” on American Songwriter Magazine. Kyle Cox has been featured in this magazine 5 times and is the only aritst to win their lyric contest twice. This particular song placed 3rd in the magazine’s most recent Lyric Contest.


“I Ain’t Been Lonely, Until I Met You” is a folk-rock tune. This track reminds of us Johnny Cash with some punk flavors mixed in. We think it would make a great soundtrack to a Bar Scene placed in the South. We can’t wait to hear the completed record! Stay tuned!

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