Wolfe releases new music video “Dust”

AJ Salvatore is “WOLFE”, an 18 year old from Florida, who just released his debut music video for “Dust.” Wolfe is an electronic artist living and making music in Sarasota, Florida. Wolfe released this music video to promote his upcoming EP “Oceans.” Check out his debut music video here and  share it to help launch Wolfe’s career! 

From the artist: 

    “As simple as Dust may seem, a lot is going on through symbolism. The title is referencing the drug angel dust (PCP). As the video roles on, you see a girl in casual clothing and a comfortable environment and the angel dust is shown. The mask is then introduced shortly after. The mask makes her represent society when she has it on; making her face a canvas to be replaced with anyone who relies on drugs to take them to their own paradise. In the video, this is what the beach shots represent, paradise. This is also why she has the mask on in all the beach shots, it’s a generic paradise that drug users look for. Later on, she walks into the ocean and goes underwater. This represents her sinking back into reality after the drugs wear off. The last shot zooms out on the girl, leaving the viewer with a sense that it was all in her head from the drugs.
     I wrote Dust at night, because I wasn’t able to use my monitors to finish the mixing process on a song. I didn’t wanna wake anyone up by blasting music at 4 in the morning! The name came about by me needing a title to save it and I looked around and noticed my dusty control surface. The name grew on me and that night I wrote out the whole script for the music video. I started working on Dust as a side project, when it was too late to use my studio monitors and it became the song it is today.”
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“Wolfe “Dust” Official Music Video off the upcoming EP album Oceans.
Look for Oceans on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud and etc. in the next couple of weeks.” 

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Facebook: Facebook.com/AJSalvatore
SoundCloud: SoundCloud.com/AJSalvatore
Twitter: Twitter.com/AJSalvatore
Instagram: Instagram.com/AJ_Salvatore
Youtube: Youtube.com/AJWolfeSalvatore

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