French Artist, You are Number Six, releases EP via Cassette


21-year-old French artist Theo Lefebvre just began his solo project in October of 2013. This project is called “You are Number Six.” His six-song debut EP, Weird Tales, was released to the public via cassette tape in June 2014. It can be streamed in full through soundcloud. Theo studied English Literature for an entire year and sings perfect English on the record. The songs are feel-good indie anthems that will get you moving in your chair. More impressively, every instrument is played by Theo himself – guitar, bass, drums, synth, and vocals.

The cassette tape can be bought through Young Cubs Records for only $6.


1. Wet Matches
2. Binary Numbers
3. Monsters
4. Jacqueline
5. Magic
6. Cheats

Soundcloud Page
Website coming soon!


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