Top Indie EP of June, Ross Palmer – “Reassurance EP”


We rate this EP as the top indie EP to come out in June, 2014. It’s exploding with deep emotion and intense energy. Ross Palmer’s vocals and lyrics have so much feeling that they travel straight to the listeners soul. You can feel every word he says, you can feel how he feels. We are deeply impressed by how raw and real these four tracks are. Track One: “Reassurance” can be related to emo/post hardcore bands like Karate and Jets to Brazil. Track Two picks up the pace yet still follows the mood of the first track beautifully. Track Three seems to be entirely different, splitting the record up. It is less of an emo-indie anthem and more of an acoustic pop love song. “You seem to me like someone who can teach me to believe…” Ross Palmer’s emotions are still evident in the track regardless in the shift of styles. Track Four completes the record as it musically relates back to Tracks One and Two. Give this EP a listen, you will not regret it!

“Ross Palmer is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, engineer/producer and music blogger, living in a south-east London. On his 30th birthday his heart failed and he was told he would physically impaired for the rest of his life and may need a transplant. Instead, over the next year he got better, and decided to make the most of his second chance. He writes songs; performs, records and mixes them himself; plays drums for Sumner; records and produces artists including Yo Zushi and James McKean; blogs at Songs from So Deep; supports Tottenham Hotspur; and drinks black coffee.”

LISTENRoss Palmer, Reassurance EP


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