Lea Beiley is crowdfunding for the release of “What Shines In The Summer” EP. Watch the video on kickstarter. It will be impossible to not notice how passionate Lea is about the release of this EP and about songwriting in general. This must be one of the most heartfelt kickstarter videos we have seen as it explains how much inspiration and work goes into a single song. Some of the prizes include song downloads, physical copies of the EP, handmade art, beanies, t-shirts, stickers and house shows. The expected release for “What Shines In The Summer” is December 2014.

Here is a note from Lea (via Kickstarter): 

“From the first time I begged my parents for a guitar to this present moment the goal has never changed. The only difference now is that the stakes are higher. Nothing would make me happier than to make my living as a musician. This project is my first major step in turning my passion into a sustainable career.” 


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