Smoke Season is an indie rock from CA, formed by Jason Rosen and  Gabrielle Wortman. The duo together create a very unique sound of electric guitars and haunting vocals, the two like to describe their music as “Electro Soul with a hint of whiskey” according to their Facebook page.


Jason Rosen and Gabrielle Wortman met while sharing recording space in a studio in LA when they were recording for other projects, they clicked with each other and soon began writing music together. In March of 2013 they released their first EP titled “Signals,” which included their single  “Soleil.” Soleil can be described as a dreamy ballet, with Gabrielle’s soft soothing vocals, combined with Jason’s trippy guitars and harmonizing  vocals the pair can make you fall into a psychedelic trance.

Since then they have released another EP titled “Hot Coals Cold Souls,” where the have made two music videos off of both singles. The first   “Badlands” which gives off an old western vibe and, their second single “Opaque” makes you feel like you are transported to another dimension.

Fast forward to 2015 they come out with their hit single “Bees” which shows off Gabrielle’s power house vocals. With over 16,000 fans on Facebook, a huge following on Twitter, numerous TV appearances at local music stations in LA, headlining their own tours, and playing a number of music festivals on the West and East Coast. Smoke Season is without a doubt smoking up the music scene.

– Written by dearlychristina

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