TALMA – In Circles

TALMA, London based rock group, is back with new strong single “In Circles.”

With syncopated bass lines, surprising distorted guitars and a smooth drum beat, ‘In Circles’ is a fresh new track from London alt-rock band TALMA. Lead singer, Henry Adams’ melodic lead vocal compliments guitarist James Creed’s lyrics and arrangement to create a solid rock song that makes you want to move. It’s both romantic and nostalgic. It’s also refreshing to hear a melodic guitar solo be put into modrern music again and for it to be done well and with soul. We will be follow and we can’t wait for the EP to drop on February 23rd!

TALMA Shot 1

A quote from guitarist James Creed: “In Circles is about the sense of apathy we can experience when returning to a routine lifestyle after time away from it all – the everyday, the mundane. Where the loss of rhythm helps us to see what’s before us with renewed perspective, it can ultimately lead us to question it too. We all crave a sense of purpose, but affecting a change towards that offers the unknown. We then have a choice; to resign ourselves to the security of these sleepless cycles or to take a chance, step away from paths well known and chase a new sense of meaning.”

The EP is out on February 23rd, 2018! Check out the single on Spotify.


New Live Performance:
Feb 24th, 2018 – Camden Assembly, London

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