FAV FIVE – Our Favorite Indie Tracks of The Day 2/19/18

1. Hollerado – Fake Drugs
2. Joe Stevens – Lemons and Limes
3. Good Old War – What Does the Future Mean (New Release)
4. Pigeon Pit – Nights Like These
5. Ben Stalets – Caroline (O-Hi-O)

Sorry we are posting a day late! Here’s our top 5 from 2/19 which features some rock, folk, and singer-songwriter jams to please your ears. Hollerado leads the chart with electric guitars and hooky melodies in “Fake Drugs.” Joe Stevens follows with a voice like honey on “Lemons and Limes.” Good Old War just released their new EP titled “Part of You” so we featured our favorite song from that EP. Their music always takes listeners on an adventure as it’s very unique and slightly brings you back to the classic rock era. Next we have an anti-folk anthem titled “Nights Like These” by Pigeon Pit. Last we have a beautiful acoustic guitar-driven ballad by Ohio based singer Ben Stalets.

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