Eyez – ‘Init’ leads “Square One” Mixtape

UK based rap artist Eyez, has been building his career consistently for the last 6 years and now has been gaining momentum having his songs from his new mixtape “Square One” featured on official Spotify playlists such as “Grime Shutdown” and “Rap UK.” He is known for his high energy tracks that make your body sway. You can stream the album on Spotify including lead track “Init” which has already racked up 140,000 plays. The track “Init” about growing up in his neighborhood is really different from anything we have ever heard and Eyez’ delivery is flawless.
Eyez is also known for his ability to free style. He has done is live on radios and other interviews as well. This one that he did on the BBC radio is quite impressive as he spits rather quickly.
He has performed around the world in countries such as Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Germany and Spain. He is scheduled for an Australian tour this summer (2018).
Eyez is endorsed by/working with: Redbull, FootAsylum, G-Star, E&J Brandy, Umbro, Azire men’s wear (Kangol), Levi Jeans. He photoshoots with brands Nike, NorthFace, Chelsea FC and Sports Direct.

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