The Wonder Years release “Sister Cities”

After dropping their fifth studio album “No Closer To Heaven” in 2015, The Wonder Years stripped everything down and went back to their roots. Releasing fan favorites on an acoustic EP, “Burst and Decay” in 2017.  The songs have a more raw and emotional feeling, and are completely re-mastered to a slower ballet. One of the songs “You In January” got completely redone, when a fan reached out to the lead singer Dan “Soupy” Campbell explaining that him and his fiancé wanted You In January to be the song the have their first dance to a their wedding, but it was too heavy and loud for the occasion. The band was honored to have them play it, so they agreed, to make them a more appropriate version. Thus the acoustic EP was born, following a short intimate acoustic tour to go along with it.

Now in early 2018, The Wonder Years are back with their heavy, fast, upbeat, angst-filled  punk songs, fans know and love. “Sister Cities” is The Wonder Years new single, and the title of their sixth full length album to be released in early April of this year. The album sums up two years of touring and traveling for the band, as they traveled across five continents, documenting everything in journals, photos, songs, poems and artifacts according to the band’s twitter. The Wonder Years hope the fans and maybe some newcomers will enjoy this journey with them, you can also catch them on tour in the U.K. early this year and North America in late spring/early summer.


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