Wife/Husband Duo “Heart Society” Release Impressive Debut EP

Heart Society is the incredible wife-and-husband duo of Teneia Sanders-Eichelberger and Benjamin Eichelberger. The pair is based in Mississippi but tour frequently to gain fans all over the country. They are known for selling all their belongings and crowdfunding to buy a traveling musical tiny home to amp up their tour schedule and fan base.


Today, February 21st 2018, they have released their debut EP titled “Wake The Queens.“ It was a thrilling experience to listen to their first single from this EP titled “Rocket.” Teneia’s vocals are soulful and tasteful. Her voice carries the soul of blues in a powerful way. The vocal melody is catchy and pulls listeners in. The lead guitar is done so skillfully that it really amplifies the power of the song. The rest of instrumentation was done just enough to bring the whole track together and make it feel whole. All of the instrumentation really compliments the lead vocal. When the track is over, you will have the urge to play it again, then you will want to listen to the entire EP from start to finish. The two make an incredible team!

The rest of the EP explores some other genres which makes it clear that the wife and husband team holds an extreme amount of passion, creativity, and talent. My personal favorite is “Call Somebody.“ It’s a smooth ballad with emotional vocals and lyrics. RTP is excited to hear more from this incredible duo!

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