Exclusive Interview w/ Gabe Lopez about “Lasso”

Gabe Lopez is the talented writer and artist behind the breathtaking single “Lasso.” The song has a gritty electric guitar pulsating throughout it bringing the track to life. Gabe’s voice fits the pop genre perfectly and is quite stylish as well. The music video is very beautiful featuring lots of dancing and some cool driving scenes. We highly recommend checking out this song and video!

We got the chance to ask Gabe Lopez some questions and received some awesome responses.

RTP:  Did a real event in your life inspire the song “Lasso?”

GL: The concept is based off of relationships where you’re very much passionately involved but you know you should probably leave, but you’re stuck. I’ve been there before and I think it’s something a lot of people can relate to.

RTP: What is something you want people to take away from the video and the song?

GL: I really liked director Patrick Broderick’s vision for the video. That was all him. I love the “rope dance” interspersed with the male couple’s heated argument. Patrick had a cool, artsy concept that reflected the sonic elements I was going for in the music. I hope that the imagery and musical soundscape connect with people.

RTP: Where did you shoot the driving scenes of the video?

GL: The scenes were shot at Big Sky Ranch, which is a movie ranch in Simi Valley, CA. Parts of Westworld, Coming to America and Little House On the Prairie were shot there.

RTP: What’s been your favorite part of the studio process when recording a song?

GL: It varies from song to song. Sometimes it’s the songwriting, sometimes it’s the performance or production. With “Lasso,” I really enjoyed playing with the soundscape of adding ’60s electric guitars with slap-back delay and tremolo juxtaposed with modern 808s and gritty distorted bass. The song was fun to sing, too.

RTP: Is there anything you want the audience to know about your music?

GL: I hope people check out “Lasso” and other songs of mine on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube. And share if you like!

Find out more: http://gabelopez.com/

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