FAV FIVE – 3/2/18 (our blogs favorite songs of the day)

Here is our favorite tracks of the day!

We open up the playlist with a song from John Ferry. The song is called “Stick Around” and is about relationships. He has a very interesting way of combining folk style guitar with emo/punk vocals. Then we go to a traveling song called “Road to Riches” from Orbo. Brie Copone brings changes the vibe with soulful song “Weigh In.” Then we have Daniel Pearson with his beautiful folk ballad “Pieces of a Puzzle.” Closing us out is country rock n’ roll band “Natchez Tracers” with “There’s A Darkness In Your Heart.” Great songs from all these artists! Send suggestions to rtpmusicblog@gmail.com or submit through our submithub. Thank you for all your support!

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