New Pop Hit From Quinn Lewis: “In Between”

Pop singer Quinn Lewis dropped his hot new single “In between” yesterday. Lewis says “the song is about who I am and who I used to be.” The song has an upbeat pop vibe similar to many commercial songs you hear on the radio. However, the chorus has a special vibe to it that we don’t get to experience in music too often. Lewis’ vocals run very smoothly over this exciting new track. He has impressively climbed the charts on Spotify with a #1 spot on the Hype Machine’s Popular Chart and has gained over 1.5 million streams on the popular streaming platform. When you hear the song you’ll understand what all the hype is about! The single “In Between” starts off strong with a catchy riff and only gets stronger as the song plays. The chorus chants “I’m caught in between who I am and who I used to be.”

Listen to the track here:

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