FAV FIVE 3/11/18 ft. Lil Dusty G & Ronen’s New Hot Song

Here are our top tracks of the day! We want to take a closer look at our #1 song of the day which is “BURN” by Lil Dusty G ft. Ronen. This song is what many would describe as “emo rap.” The song is jam packed with emotional lyrics and a strong vocal delivery that further shares the message in the lyrics. The production of the song is just enough to get listeners to feel the emo vibe in a way that is not too overwhelming, but just right. The song almost sounds like Khalid meets Lil Peep. Whatever it is, it’s truly an original! Then we go to EDM Dylan rework “Masters of War” made by The Avener. We get to a happier vibe with Ida Maria’s “Scandilove.” This song is poppy and happy! We head to a keyboard driven song titled “Vibe” by Coyote Theory and we end strong with “Girl’s (Never Gonna Fall In Love)” by Johanna Chase!

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