Lizzy Land & Back Talk Make “Bad Things” Even More Bad Ass

Los Angeles based artist Lizzy Land worked with artist/producer Back Talk to spice up her already great song titled “Bad Things.” The song was not “remixed” but “redone” adding a beat and other production techniques such as a hooky synth sounds to amplify the emotion behind the song. Lizzy Lands vocals were already stunning and compelling to begin with but shine even further with Back Talk’s new production style.

Lizzy Land describes the original version of the track as “dark and gloomy.” Back Talk always saw more potential in the song and was hyped to work on it with Lizzy. Lizzy Land explains that the meaning of the song changes with the production: “the first one sounds like is more a cry for help loss control, while the remix is more like an addicted person who’s consciously diving head first into repeated bad decisions.” 

The “redo” version of “Bad Things” with Back Talk:

The original version of the track:

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