2 Year Anniversary of Ryan Cassata’s “Shine” / Music Videos!

Today marks two years since Ryan Cassata has released his full band album titled “Shine.” The album was his first album that showcased his wide variety of musical styles. You can hear indie pop on tracks like “Bedroom Eyes” and “Don’t Count Me Out”, punk on “Sunrise Highway” and “We’re the Cool Kids”, country on “Hot Springs, Arkansas” and “Alcatraz”, hip-hop on “Check Engine” and “Shine On”, and his original singer-songwriter acoustic vibe on his cover songs “Round Here” and “Man in The Mirror.”

You can stream the full album here:

Buzzfeed released his music video on their front page that year:

Some of the other music videos from the album:

Check Engine:

We’re The Cool Kids featured some of his fans and friends:

Lyric Videos:


According to Ryan Cassata’s instagram he is currently in the studio recording more music and he is dropping a music video for an unreleased song “Daughter” very soon.

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