Get Wild with PARKWILD

PARKWILD has been making waves in the world of pop since songwriter Austin Zudeck and multi-instrumentalist Justin Thunstrom met up in New York City after years of long-distance collaboration. The duo’s new single, ‘We’ll Never Change’, discusses being your own person in a world that’s not always supportive through an intense, bubbly ambient pop track. This track fits in just as well at the club as it does sitting around the campfire. Zudeck’s strong, personally-inclined vocals carry Thunstrom’s artfully composed electronics from slow build-ups to blissful hooks. The group’s use of male vocals in a modern pop track, while not unheard of, is notable. They set PARKWILD apart from most modern radio pop.

Hear the track on SoundCloud:

Written by:  @zucker.n

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