ARTIST OF THE DAY: MAJOR LOVE — You’ll Fall Majorly in Love with the New MAJOR LOVE Single ‘So Good’


‘So Good’, MAJOR LOVE’s newest single, is a rousing, masterful pop-rock anthem. The song, which is defined by Colleen Brown’s consummately dynamic vocal style and tastefully relatable lyrical content, will undoubtedly be a staple radio-friendly single for this summer. Brown, the group’s front-woman, primary composer and ringleader, has drawn people from all corners of the Canadian rock scene to make her new eponymously-titled album is up to par. In addition to well-placed horns and a highly competent rhythm section, MAJOR LOVE’s mixed use of guitar, synth and traditional piano to flesh out the single’s melody is something other pop-rockers should aspire to. Colleen Brown clearly has a lot to offer this scene. Keep an eye out for her new album and her other future work.

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