Exclusive Interview with Jon Jeremy: Drugs/Alcohol & “Sober Art”

On March 15th, Long Island based rapper Jon Jeremy released his EP “Sober Art.” The beats are insanely good and the rappers flow is even better. His delivery and way of rhyming words is impressive and makes listeners want to listen over and over again. The concept of this EP is sobriety and recovery. It stands out from a lot of other hip-hop because it tells the truth about the dark side of drugs and alcohol instead of glorifying addiction. We luckily got to sit down with Jon Jeremy and ask some questions about this amazing work of art!


“It’s more than recovery rap, there’s so much more to it.” – Jon Jeremy (song: “How Many”)

RTP: “Homecoming” was the first song you wrote for the EP (It’s also the leading track). Did you know while you were writing this song that you wanted to write an entire EP with the concept of sobriety/recovery?

JJ: The title was already created but in no way was the project intended to be so heavily based on sobriety itself or recovery. It just happened during it’s creation.

RTP: Would you be fine with sharing a little snippet of your sobriety story for our readers?

JJ: I’ve been sober since Oct 13th 2013, prior I struggled with drugs and alcohol being introduced to it as early as 9 years old and using alcohol most of my life. I’ve always been involved in music and have been heavily around the scene meeting and collaborating with people since 2006 to 2009. My addiction progressed and I took a hiatus from seriously pursuing my music. After losing almost everything I was able to find the help I needed and meet great people who understood and were able to assist me with my recovery. Today I wanna share some of those experiences and many other subjects through my music to hopefully help and show others with my illness that there is a solution!


RTP: What’s your favorite song off the EP and why?

JJ: “How Many” is my favorite song. It was the most personal song about recovery that I have ever written (to date) and I believe that those especially in recovery themselves will understand the feelings that I expressed in it.

RTP: How long does it take you to write a song?

JJ: It usually depends on the free time I have and the subject matter. I can literally write a song in 15 minutes or a few days. “Homecoming” was done on the spot. Same day. Written and recorded. “Sober AF” took few days due to time restraints and also the subject matter. I wanted to make sure I get my point across without making it sound preachy.


RTP: Did you dedicate this EP to anyone?

JJ: Yes! on the physical copies of the CD I gave a special thanks to my family, friend’s and all my supporters but especially my dad who passed away 13 months ago. This project definitely wouldn’t have been what it turned out to be without all that’s transpired this year. I have songs dedicated to him and others I lost recently that will be on the upcoming project!


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Written by Ryan Cassata (@ryancassata)

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