Artist of the Day: TIM FREITAG w/ “Hold On”


Unique pop singer from Switzerland, Tim Freitag dropped his new single “Hold On” very recently. The single features powerful electric hooks with a techno feel to them. The blending of several different genres is occurring which makes Tim’s sound stand out while also reminding you of something familiar. Freitag’s vocals are so vibrate and pulsing that they give the song a more special meaning then it just being about holding on to someone for dear life. The song dropped March 16th, 2016, along with a remix version featuring DJ Offended Fluff Ball’s (Tom Hessler). That remix is a more commercial version of the already hooky song. In a way the song feels more uplifting in the remix. Hold On will definitely hold you over until Freitag’s full length album is released in Spring 2019.

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