ARLO’s New Single ‘Settle’ Is Emotional & Raw


ARLO’s new song ‘Settle’ is an ambient, emotive indie-pop track. ARLO, who’s slated to headline a show at London’s Camden Assembly on June 5, has come to prominence in the English music scene via his relatable rhetoric, fully-developed sound and especially his angelic voice. ‘Settle’ discusses ARLO’s experience with heartbreak and loneliness. Although pop tracks are generally where themes like that go to die, ARLO has done a masterful job of maintaining emotional integrity without giving up a shred of his pop sensibility. ARLO is really a rising star. Expect to hear more from him soon.

The new track:

ARLO makes his live headline debut at the already SOLD OUT at London’s Waiting Room on March 28th, 2018!

Follow ARLO:

Another great song by ARLO:

Written by Noah Zucker

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