Banzai Cliff’s New Track ‘Sorta Stupid’ Will Have You Screaming “Banzai!”

Banzai Cliff’s new track ‘Sorta Stupid’, off their LP Hypothetical Love which was released last Friday, is a chilled out, retro love song. This lo-fi indie-pop song with strong shoegaze tendencies is, as the group’s Bandcamp says, music “to dance alone to.” The group’s vocals have a real eighties vibe but also scream Buddy Holly for some reason. Musically, it sounds like the band is holding back a little bit for the sake of creating their vibe, but the drums are solid and the guitar effects are a lot of fun. Somehow, this track would go just as well in a fifties diner as it would at the skatepark. This is music everyone can relate to. Go check them out!
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Written by Noah Zucker

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