Leathan Milne is a Gift To Music

Leathan Milne has gifted the world with a gorgeous new single title “Our Ghosts” off of the album that released today titled “There Is The Ground Beneath Us.” The album is 10 brilliant tracks totaling 42 minutes! Milne has a unique and dreamy singer-songwriter vibe that has bits of influences sounding like City & Colour, Dave Van Ronk, and older Daniel Romano. The album is produced greatly with the perfect amount of harmonies, string arrangements and ambient sounds. Melodically the album sticks out. Each word that Leathan Milne sings feels real and emotional. You can feel every lyric he sings. This album is sure to woo in a following! We highly recommend checking out “Our Ghosts” and “Bell Song.” But hey, the whole album is worth listening to!

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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