Tyc x Curly Chuck – Electronic Pop Meets Old School Hip Hop on “GET DOWN”


TyC, a producer/songwriter from Cleveland, Ohio, has collaborated with Curly Chuck, also a Cleveland native, on his newest single “GET DOWN”. TyC’s contribution to this track go further than just the creation of the beat itself – he produced, mixed and wrote the hook as well. This record is a hyper, anthemic cross between hip hop and electronic pop that puts an equal emphasis on both TyC’s music and Curly Chuck’s lyrical wordplay. Fans of both “old school” hip hop and modern pop will be able to find common ground with this record and appreciate the stylistic choices made. Beyond the music, the music video visually compliments the vibe of the track; in exactly two weeks, this video has garnered an impressive 35,000 views on YouTube.


Written by John Louis

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