You Won’t Be Able to Stop Playing River Fury’s ’21st Century Man’


River Fury’s ’21st Century Man’ is a dynamic, well-written rock song song resting on the band’s consummate musicianship and writing abilities. The song, whose title may or may not be a reference to the similarly-named King Crimson tune, features striking, fast-paced guitars, a bassist who refuses to resign himself to the back seat and competent, timely drums. Guitarists Patric Nutton and Dan Howe, who also share vocal duties, work together to raise the song to its melodic peaks. The group’s rhythm section, anchored by bassist Callum Hayes and drummer Andrew Gallop, seems to be responsible for the song’s infectious energy and hard-hitting nature. These guys clearly take a lot from the post punk revival, namely clarity and humble groundedness, but they definitely bring something more to the table. ’21st Century Man’ has some notable powerpop and psychedelic elements. These guys clearly have a lot to offer. Go check them out!

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Written by: Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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