Hear TRICK’s Killer New Rock Single Before It Comes Out!

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TRICK is a 5 piece rock n’ roll/hard rock band from Wyoming! They recently went to Los Angeles, CA and recorded their debut EP with Mike Pepe. Today we all get the privilege of hearing this smash rock hit before it comes out! The song is jam packed with exciting moments such as incredible vocals, stunning lyrics that everyone can relate to, catchy melodies, banging powerful drums, guitars that have the perfect tone, and a bass that keeps the track feeling solid. The track is could have easily been a radio anthem during the 80’s hair metal era but we are certain that listeners will still adore what this band is doing! It’s hard not to love their sound!

Stream it here and hear it for yourself:

Two singles drop tomorrow and the EP will follow soon!

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TRICK press pic.JPG

Info from the band:

Aaron Palmer – DRUMS – The music is an extension of everyones personal experiences. Many different tastes and styles of music are represented which together gives us a unique sound that, hopefully, people can and will relate to.

Ken – LEAD SINGER 1 – I am one of a dual lead singer front. To me, our music evolves daily. It comes in freely with this group of artists. Our music is…Us.

Jana Davis – LEAD SINGER 2 – “Now That I Found You is a special song to me. I was feeling especially euphoric one afternoon and the melody and hook with nursery rhyme like pre-chorus came to me so I did a primitive keyboard recording of a rough outline and the guys reshaped it a bit. It took it’s own little journey. She is a special song to me, that I think a lot of people can relate to me, “it’s about love, everybody loves, love!” *Jana is the songwriter for Now That I Found You*

Charlie Francipane – LEAD GUITARIST – The music is hard, yet dripping with melody and hooks. We have a dual lead vocal format which creates a wall of sound larger than life experience. The guitar riffs are so sexy, they should be rated X. We are truly one of a kind.

Shawn Day – BASSIST – Our music encapsulates my favorite elements of rock (anthemic drums, loud guitars, and multi-layered harmonies). It feels amazing to be part of a rock tribe again.

Written by Ryan Cassata

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