Artist of the Day: Eric Frisch & Proof that Music Can Still Feel Real & Impact

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Eric Frisch is an artist that has the incredible capability of delivering vocals that cut right into your soul and fill you with emotion. We live in an era where so much new released music is becoming overly processed in a way that you can no longer feel the emotion or intention of the lyrics or writer. It’s a devastating truth of most new releases. Eric Frisch lets us know that not all music is emotionless, that there’s still something real out there. His new song “Head Up In The clouds” is filled with emotion and intent. It gets you feeling things you didn’t even know you were ready to feel. It gets you feeling things you didn’t even know existed. As long as there is Eric Frisch, there will still be real music that is bursting with emotion.

His song is extremely hard not to appreciate. Anyone that truly appreciates the craft of music writing will definitely enjoy this breath taking song:

We are looking forward to hearing more from this talented artist soon!

A quote from Eric Frisch:

“I draw a lot of inspiration from bands like Real Estate, Foxygen, and Best Coast, while of course still staying true to my Beatles and Beach Boys roots. Nothing I can do about that.”

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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