Chuck Ramsey Releases The Most Unique DIY Video We’ve Seen for “One of Us” (Exclusive Interview)


With almost anyone being able to record a good sounding piece of music and upload it on Spotify, it’s often tough to fight through all the noise and get your music heard. Artists are using music videos, and have been for a long time, to increase the amount of people that will hear the song. The more interesting the video is, the more likely it is that it will be shared and go viral! Chuck Ramsey has a new feel-good song titled “One of Us.” He’s crafted a simple DIY music video that is quite different than anything we have seen before. The video is made entirely of Instagram stories, it even features Chuck playing guitar in a bathtub. Haha! This silly and fun video must have took a really long time to shoot and put together. It was a great idea and it definitely got our attention quickly! Aside from the video, the song is a very catchy rock tune that you will probably be singing the chorus to before the song ends!

We had the privilege of getting to interview Chuck for our blog:

RTP: Can you please give us a little introduction of who you are?

CR: Hi!  I’m a musician and songwriter, originally from Philadelphia, now living in New York City.  I’ve released 25 songs (2 albums and an EP) under my full name “Charles Ramsey.” This is my first release as “Chuck Ramsey,” which is what the name I’ve always gone by among friends and family.  For the past 7 years, I’ve been a full-time pianist, guitarist, and singer here in New York.  I play all kinds of gigs all over the city, more or less 7 days/week.   

RTP: What inspired the lyrics of the song?

CR: “One of Us” is based on the memory of a brief romance.  Such memories are increasingly distant, having been married for a few years now, but they’re always great fodder for songwriting and I draw on them sometimes for inspiration.

RTP: Oh yeah, we totally agree with that! Everything artists go through can be used for inspiration. Why did you chose to go the ultimate DIY route with this video?

CR: Instagram stories are fun, and it seems everyone uses them these days.  They’re also a very “now” thing, which I hope gives the video a contemporary feel.  We thought something fun and playful would suit the tone of the song, and it was great to play around with filters and so on.  Best of all, I’ve never seen a music video made using this medium – so it struck us as a clever and original idea.  Competing for “best of all,” we had a lot of fun making it (using our phones) and it didn’t break the bank!   

RTP: How important is it for an artist to have some sort of moving visual (lyric video, music video, etc…) for their music release? Do you think it enhances the success rate?

CR: Believe it or not, this is my first music video.  But I do believe it is important to have some sort of moving visual because it is just another way for people to engage with the song and get to know the artist.  I know I discover a lot of music by watching videos; I also find I’m more inclined to check out a new song if there is a video to go with it.  Of course, I want people to continue to enjoy my music in audio form as well, but I’m hoping the video will encourage more people to check out the song and grow to love it.


RTP: What has been the greatest moment of your musical career so far?
CR: A song that I co-wrote, called “Here We Are,” was featured in a new movie called “The Last Movie Star.”  My friend and co-writer, Paulie Z, sings the song in the movie (along with his wife, Lucia Marco) while Burt Reynolds and Ariel Winter slow dance to it onscreen.  It was a great feeling to see my name come up in the credits, especially in the company of Diane Warren and Willie Nelson, who also wrote a song for the movie.  
RTP: That’s incredible! Do you have any hobbies that are not music related?
CR: I love to read: novels, history, poetry.  I love to travel whenever I get the chance.  When I can’t travel, I love to enjoy New York City – the parks, the museums, and its many diverse neighborhoods.  Lastly, as you can see from the video, I enjoy making cocktails… and very often drinking them too!

Listen on Spotify:

Want to know more? Find Chuck on Instagram! Maybe he will send you a personal story!
Written by Ryan Cassata

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