The Lied To’s “Cruel World” contains Honest Lyrics & Bluesy Guitars


The Lied To’s new song “Cruel World” is filled with electric-guitar bends and bluesy riffs that will bring you to Rock-N-Roll heaven. The vocals and honest lyrics are fiery and carry the spirit of country and blues with a punk-rock edge. The song also features a harmonica solo that fits perfectly on top of the shuffling drum beat. The talented duo is made up of Doug Kwartler and Susan Levine and they are currently based in Boston, MA. Their full length record “The Lesser of Two Evils” will drop on May 11th!

“…Now I’m staring out the window to see what’s coming next, popping pills to ease my troubles, then go dealin’ with my ex…”

This track is currently only available for streaming on SoundCloud:

Buy the album on itunes here.

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