Jutes & Benny Mayne Collaborate for Hot New Song “Attitude”


Benny Mayne is back, this time in collaboration with another artist called Jutes. The collaboration is definitely really solid! Benny Mayne recently released a viral hit called “Basic Bitch” and this song has a similar vibe lyrically. The artists are begging these LA girls to “keep it real.” The track titled “Attitude” is a fusion of hip-hop, pop and RNB and is jam packed with catchy melodies that will have you dying to hear the song. The bass of the song is one of the greatest parts of the production. The song is definitely radio quality, already gained 30,000+ plays on Spotify. We can’t wait to hear Jutes and Benny Mayne collaborate more!

You can hear this stellar song on Spotify!


Also you can hear the other song “Basic Bitch”:

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